SPA Etiquette



Appointments: We advise our clients to make the appointments beforehand so we can meet their schedule.


Arrival time: We kindly ask our clients to show up 10 minutes before the scheduled hour so we can make your check-in.


Personal values: We recommend that you don’t bring any valuables such as jewels or electronic gadgets. RitualSPA is not liable for eventual losses or thefts.


Limitations due to health matters: In case of pregnancy, recent surgery, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, heart problems or other conditions, you must ask your doctor before having any treatment and also inform the therapist at the moment of your appointment.


Children and teenagers: In order to have a treatment at the RitualSPA, children and teenagers must always be accompanied by an adult.



Cancellation policy: We kindly ask you to notify us about the cancellation at least 12 hours before your appointment. The cancellations done within a period inferior to 8 hours will cause a 50% cost of the treatment value. In case of no show or cancellations 2 hours or less before the treatment, we reserve the right to charge the total value of the treatment booked.


Reservation guarantee: We reserve the right to request the payment in advance to assure the appointment intended.


Delays: Arriving late will interfere with the treatment time and compromise both their efficacy and comfort.


Cancellation / non-attendance – program sessions and gift vouchers scheduled:

For non-attendance and cancellations with a prior notice inferior to 24 hours, the session/treatment will be considered as fulfilled.