RitualSPA Concept

RitualSPA Concept


RitualSPA Brand:

Our mission is to surprise our clients from the start with unique service and rituals that surpass their expectations!

In all the RitualSPAs you will find a service of excellence and a real culture of customer care. Our teams are meticulously selected and trained by specialized technicians from our SPA academy, with a global experience of over 10 years and hundreds of trainings completed.


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Created in 2007, the RitualSPA brand was developed by the company Naviritual Lda., part of the corporate group with the most experience in the beauty and wellness sector, the Sorisa Group, and specializes in management of SPAs in 4 and 5 star hotels.

Our concept is targeted to that urban population who is more demanding, who looks for quick and durable results but also for an escape from nowadays stress, anxiety and fast pace. Protocols of manual treatments and a signature service executed perfectly, combined with the latest scientific technologies, applied to the beauty treatments, rebalance your emotions and surprise your body with immediate results.