Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This document regulates the website provided by NAVIRITUAL, legal person number 508056187 and with headquarters in Rua José Fonseca de Carvalho nº 9, 2685-869 Prior Velho.


NAVIRITUAL works daily in a committed way to give their clients and users of their services a better offer and use experience. The personal data are crucial in the fulfilment of this purpose; therefore, NAVIRITUAL has extended their commitment to ensure the privacy of the personal data of their clients and users of their services.


The aim of NAVIRITUAL’s privacy policy is to describe the way we treat the personal data from the natural persons that deal with NAVIRITUAL, as well as inform them of their rights as holders of the personal data.



NAVIRITUAL will handle your personal data with the main goals:
1.1. Clients management

NAVIRITUAL dedicates to exploring and managing health and leisure units, namely the RITUAL SPA spaces. The handling of your data is necessary to fulfil the service provision to celebrate between you and NAVIRITUAL, or to perform pre-contractual diligences by your request. The personal information gathered may include your name, e-mail, telephone number and/or cell phone number, address, birthday and/or others.

1.2. Marketing

NAVIRITUAL will handle your data, namely your name, e-mail, telephone number and/or cell phone number, address, birthday and/or others, to send you information regarding their products and services. This handling will be done only with your consent, by subscribing the newsletter, given in the online booking form and/or by filling the client data sheet/anamneses. Should you consent, you will receive marketing communications by e-mail and SMS. NAVIRITUAL may also share your data with other companies that manage social media. The consent to the personal data handling for direct marketing effects may be revoked at any time.

Your data will be kept for this purpose during 2 years of inactivity.

1.3. Promotions management

NAVIRITUAL promotes campaigns and contests. The personal data handling is done with the purpose of allowing the management of the client’s participation, that is, the execution of the agreement celebrated between you and NAVIRITUAL (whose rules are stated in the regulations applicable to each contest). Your data will only be kept for this purpose during the period necessary for the management of the contest.

1.4. Recruitment

The candidates may apply to a specific vacancy, a vacancy for internship or a vacancy by spontaneous application. The information supplied will be used by one or more companies of the SORISA SA group; in order to have access to your application, check references and, eventually, contact you regarding the vacancy. The personal data of any candidate applying to NAVIRITUAL are not kept in electronic databases.



Your personal data may be divulged within the SORISA company group and other service providers from NAVIRITUAL.

Your personal data will be handled by companies outsourced by NAVIRITUAL, namely for the allocation of the webpage, e-mail, answers to questions of users regarding the services, sending information about new services and new products, special offers. To these companies will be supplied only the personal data necessary to provide that specific service.

Your data will be handled within the European Union, exclusively on national territory.



The holders of personal data have the following rights:

3.1. The right to access and information: You have the right to obtain confirmation regarding the fact that your personal data are being handled by NAVIRITUAL, as well as the right to access those data and obtain information regarding their handling, including the purposes of that same handling, the recipients or categories of recipients of the data and respective deadlines of preservation. You also have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data that are objet of handling.

3.2. The right to rectification: You have the right to rectify your personal data that are not accurate, as well as to require that those incomplete data should be duly completed.

3.3. The right to request the elimination of the data (“the right to be forgotten”): in some circumstances, you have the right to request the elimination of the personal data, when enforceable, namely one of the following reasons:

a) The personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose that prompt their collection or handling.

b) The holder has withdrawn their consent for handling of the personal data (in cases where the handling is based on consent) and there is not another reason for the mentioned handling.

c) The holder objects the handling and there are no legitimate prevailing interests that justify the handling.

3.4. The right to the handling’s limitation: The holder of the personal data has the right to obtain from NAVIRITUAL the handling’s limitation, if enforceable, namely one of the following reasons:

a) In order to contest the accuracy of the personal data, during a period that allows NAVIRITUAL to check their accuracy.

b) If the handling of the data is legit and the holder of the data opposes to the elimination of their personal data and request, instead, the limitation of their use.

c) If NAVIRITUAL no longer requires the personal data for handling purposes, but those data are required by the holder for effects of statement, exercise or defence of a right in a court case.

d) If the holder has opposed the handling, until it is verified that the legitimate reasons for the responsible for the handling prevail over the ones of the data holder.

3.5. The right to data portability: If the handling depends on the consent of the data holder and that consent has been rendered by automatic means, the data holder has the right to receive the personal data that belong to them and that they have given NAVIRITUAL, in a structured format, current use and of automatic reading.

3.6. The right to opposing: In those cases when the handling of data is done for the legitimate interests proceeded by NAVIRITUAL; or 2) The handling of data is done for direct marketing effects; or 3) Profile creation, the data holder may also, at any time, oppose to the handling of their personal data.

3.7. The right to withdraw your consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent given for the handling of your data at any time. In case you withdraw your consent, your personal data will no longer be treated, except if there is another legal reason that allow that handling.

3.8. The right to file a complaint: You have the right to file a complaint to NAVIRITUAL or to the CNPD (Portuguese Data Protection Authority), which is the controlling authority in Portugal. Your requests will be handled with special care in order to ensure the efficacy of your rights. You will be asked to prove your identity to ensure that the sharing of personal data will be done only by their holder. You should acknowledge that in certain cases (for instance, due to legal requirements) your request may not be immediately fulfilled. Anyway, you will be informed of the measures taken in that way in the maximum period of one month from the moment you make the request.



If the consent is legally necessary for handling of personal data, the data holder has the right to withdrawn their consent at any time, even though that right does not compromise the lawfulness of the handling done based in the previously given consent nor the posterior handling of those data, based in another legal base, as is the case of fulfilment of the agreement or the legal obligation to which a NAVIRITUAL is subjected.

You can access your personal data and request their update or elimination, legally, by sending a request through the following addresses:

a) Letter: RITUAL SPA, Rua José Fonseca Carvalho, Nº9, 2685-869 Prior Velho

b) E-mail:



This website should be used exclusively for your personal use. It is forbidden its modification, reproduction, duplication, copy, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploration, with commercial purposes or not. All the rights of intellectual property regarding the website and its content belong to NAVIRITUAL, except indication expressed otherwise. NAVIRITUAL gives you only one limited licence, not exclusive and non-transferable, to view or print the content of the website exclusively for personal use and not commercial.



NAVIRITUAL does not sponsor any of the websites for which there are links or any website that has a link for your website, and NAVIRITUAL is not liable for the content of those websites.

The internet is a worldwide web of computers and any information sent or transmitted by you will necessarily be forwarded to other computers. NAVIRITUAL is not responsible for security glitches in the communications and they do not take any responsibility in the improper use of your information by other people.

You will be responsible for the content of the information sent or transmitted to our website. You will recognize that the access and use of our website may suffer interruptions and that the information of the website may contain bugs, errors, technical flaws, problems or other limitations and that the access may be impossible at certain times. NAVIRITUAL is not liable for any damages caused by the use of the website.

In the maximum terms permitted by law, NAVIRITUAL excludes any liability, direct or indirect, for the use of the website.



NAVIRITUAL may update this privacy policy. The use of the service constitutes the acceptance of the terms in this privacy policy and any updates.


Last update: 25th of May, 2018